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truss work

  We are well-known contractor of Truss work, providing quality Roof Trusses, which are as your requirement. These are high quality on dimensional accuracy and strength. These products are highly acclaimed for durability. Our clients can avail these at market leading prices in all districts in Kerala. All over in Kerala, we are offering delicate and wide range of top quality pre-engineering truss for any buildings and houses.


  • Airport terminals
  • Auditoriums
  • Sports stadiums
  • Service centres
  • Factories


  Polycarbonate Sheets are resistant to heat, sunlight, snow, and rain, which enable them to last for many years without fading or discolouring. It is 20 times stronger than fiberglass panels and is especially resistant to blunt force, making it an ideal building material for buildings that require durability. Blockage of ultra-violet rays is another feature of polycarbonate roofing that is particularly useful for industrial and residential buildings.


  • Green houses and Nurseries
  • Residential Buildings
  • Industrial warehouses


  Tile roofs give your house a royal look with its different variety of colours. It comes with a variety of shades and textures and is very cost effective and easy to build. As compared to steel and aluminium sheets it lasts for more. It is heavier than other roofing sheets so it was not affected by any type of atmospheric conditions. Mainly Two types of Tile sheets are available today.

Concrete Roof Tiles:-

Concrete roof tiles are the more recommended roofing solution because of its good structural stability and less water absorbing quality. It is little cheaper than clay roof tiles and it comes with various colours, textures and shades. No need of any structural replacement while you want to replace your traditional clay roof tiles with concrete tiles.

Clay Roof Tiles:-

Clay Roof Tiles are beautiful in look but they absorb more water and it leads to algae infections. As compared to concrete roof tiles their lastivity is shorter.


  Ceramic tiles are being used from ancient days in European countries. But now, it is very much popular in India. Most commonly, ceramic tiles are make from pure sand and clays and baked in around 2000 degree celsius.

Flat tiles

They are very beautiful for vision and having a glazed finishing with more durability and strength. Now, they are very much used in around Asian regions. Ceramic tiles lasts upto 30 years with low maintenance and good safety. They are available in different varieties with several styles, finishes and in variety of colours. High algae resistivity and lowest water absorption rate is another benefit of ceramic tiles. Due to this, they are very easy to clean.


  Compared to other types of roofings, Trafford sheet roofing is little cost- effective and they can be used for Industrial and Residential purposes. It can be used as a top shelter for terrace buildings, gives an incredible strength and can decrease temperature inside homes. They are aesthetic and light weight in nature.

They are available in different colours and patterns and can be used in any kind of roof structures. They are the most preferred roofing materials in Kerala with a manufacturer warranty of upto 5 years. They are non- corrosive, and suitable for any type of weather conditions. One of the main feature is, quick laying speed and they can be easily relocated.

Imported materials are also available for this type of roofings.


   Roofing shingles are commonly used in American countries but now they are widely preferred in Asian countries commonly in India. They are also known as laminated roofing. They are made of various cellulose fibres such as recycled waste paper and wood fibres forming an organic base. This is then saturated with specially formulated asphalt coating and surfaced with weather resistant mineral granules.

Most probably, Shingles comes with a thickness of 4 to 12mm. They can only be applied to sloped type roofs. They are highly aesthetic, water proof, and are unbreakable with zero maintenance, and having better strength and durability.

onduline roofing

  Onduline is a type of roofing used for both Home and Industrial purposes. It is a lightweight type of roofing and it can be applied over an existing roof or plywood. Now, more than 100 countries are using Onduline roofing including India. They are available in different colors. It is very easy to transport and enhance a productive environment.

Onduline sheets are very much wind resistant and are having better thermal comfort.


  • Very cost-effective product
  • Longer life span
  • Mechanical strength is high
  • Waterproof and cannot rust
  • Retains color over a long period
  • Noise reduction during heavy rains


   Onduvilla roofing tiles are very eco-friendly and ensures proper waterproofing. It is very light and easy to install. Onduvilla is an imported material from France brings the building a traditional clay tile look and can be applied to any type of sloped roofs. They can be lay by overlapping above the ridges of each piece and can fix by monoblock nails or screws. The total system does not require any additional protection underlay.

Onduvilla comes in three tone painting system with excellent textures. It is highly corrosion resistant and does not become brittle. High insulation is a feature of onduvilla roofing tiles. Due to this it is more resistive to sounds during heavy rains. They are very easy to cut and shape and does not break during transportation and installation. It is suitable for repair and renovation of old roof structures.


  Clay tiles are very popular from centuries ago. As compared to any other types of roofings, clay tile roofing has a greater life span. It does not affected by or harmed by insects, does not become burn or rot. Also it is protected from harmful UV rays and is highly resistant to wind because of their weight. Clay tile comes with different varieties of colors and styles and requires a very little maintenance.

Clay tiles have some drawbacks also. Due to larger weight, we have to use more strengthen materials for their support underneath. It increases installation cost. If it is doing for the first time, first we need to make it sure that our roofing has the strength to withstand the total weight.

Next thing is the cost of each tile. It is comparatively more than any type of roofing materials but one fact we have to consider is that they should never need replaced after installation.

Our Services include

  • Wear House Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Aluminium Sheet Roofing

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