Tile Sheet Roofing

Tile roofs give your house a royal look with its different variety of colours. It comes with a variety of shades and textures and is very cost effective and easy to build. As compared to steel and aluminium sheets it lasts for more. It is heavier than other roofing sheets so it was not affected by any type of atmospheric conditions. Mainly Two types of Tile sheets are available today.

Concrete Roof Tiles:-

Concrete roof tiles are the more recommended roofing solution because of its good structural stability and less water absorbing quality. It is little cheaper than clay roof tiles and it comes with various colours, textures and shades. No need of any structural replacement while you want to replace your traditional clay roof tiles with concrete tiles.

Clay Roof Tiles:-

Clay Roof Tiles are beautiful in look but they absorb more water and it leads to algae infections. As compared to concrete roof tiles their lastivity is shorter.